The BIG Dance Caper finale! Family and friends are invited to come and watch your group perform as part of our Showcase.  An exciting and vibrant evening of dance, and a brilliant way to share your work with the dance community.


Results of the Dance Caper competition will also be announced at our Showcase.  There are no age restrictions to participating in our Showcase and you do not need to have taken part in the competition to take part in our show.


Each school has 1 performance slot called their ‘3 Minutes of Fame’ to showcase what their school is all about. We suggest that this performance is different to your competition pieces in order to show our Dance Caper community something new.

All participants also get to sit in the audience so get to see all the other performances. Please try and ensure all your dancers take part in the showcase. 

At the end of the Showcase, the results of the Dance Caper Competition will be announcd.

Entrance is permitted to spectators using a Full or Showcase Spectator Passport.


As groups are travelling from far and wide – we will try to ensure the Showcase is finished by 7.15pm latest. 

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