Terms and conditions of the Dance Caper event.

1. This event and competition is organised and promoted by Adele Clarke trading as Dance Caper.

2. This event and competition requires a £50 deposit upon application - all non-successful applications will have their deposits refunded.  Successful applications will have their deposit deducted from the final cost.  

3.  Whether applications to take part in Dance Caper are successful or not, are based on adherment to our entry criteria and the discretion of the Dance Caper committee.  The Dance Caper committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any group they feel do not fit with the ethos of Dance Caper.

4.  All participant registration fees are non-refundable.

5.  Dance Caper is responsible for the application and obtainment of BOPA (Body of Person Approval) - based on the information provided by school principals. 

6.  School principals are responsible for ensuring their school have the correct numbers of council registered chaperones and that all children are chaperones appropriately.

7.  Each school must be accompanied by their own equipped qualified first aider.  Dance Caper and Athena will also have registered first aiders - however the first port of call will always be your school first aider.

8. If the event cannot go ahead due to inclement weather conditions, health pandemics or any other circumstances outside of our control, the event will be rescheduled.  Whilst this rescheduling will be done through thorough communication with all schools to find a suitable date - a majority rule will stand. Dance Caper is unable to guarentee any refunds for the event in these cases.

9. The competition results as marked by our independent judges is final.